Fine Jewellery

Today is the first day of the Circle Craft Christmas Market! Join us at the Vancouver Convention Centre West at 10:00 am for the 43rd annual Market where you will find over 300 exhibitors displaying high quality craft, including fine jewellery.

Chi’s Creations (Booth 219)
Chi’s work is inspired by a lifetime of cross-cultural experience and exposure to art, architecture, and natural wonder. Her art has an underlying theme of East meets West, combining Eastern traditional design sensibilities and Western modernisms that adorn the body with inherent balance and harmony.

Jewellery by Chi Cheng Lee. Photography by Suzanne Goodwin.

Anat Basanta Designs (Booth 404)
Anat Basanta uses textured patterns that typically appear in fabrics, ribbons, and laces alongside woven silver to capture the softness, fluidity, and airy nature of knitted textiles. She tends to work with simple forms and strives to reach the meeting point of beauty and intrigue.


Brian Hoyano Design (Booth E4)
Brian Hoyano’s work is influenced by the candour of ancient folk art, the subtlety of Asian aesthetics, as well as by the machined pristine-ness of contemporary industrial design.


Dushka Jewellery (Booth 354)
Dushka Jewellery offers a line of contemporary silver and gold work inspired by the world of nature, architecture, and textile. Each piece is designed with a playfulness that still allows for comfort and elegance. Dushka’s work is fluid, integrating aesthetics and function to be worn with flair.


Discover these exhibitors and 300+ more at the Circle Craft Christmas Market today through Sunday.

43rd Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market
November 9-13, 2016 | Vancouver Convention Centre West
Wednesday-Friday 10am to 9pm | Saturday 10am to 7pm | Sunday 10am to 5pm

Check in at for the latest Circle Craft Christmas Market information. Tickets are now available for purchase online, where you’ll find discounts for students, seniors, and groups, as well as a 2-for-1 special for evenings after 5pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


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