Pottery has always been an important part of the Circle Craft Christmas Market. There are 25 exhibitors in the clay category this year, and each one has their own unique style. A few of these exhibitors include Kathleen Tennock Ceramic Studio, Gordon Hutchens Studio, eikcam ceramics, and Sophia Clay Art.

Kathleen Tennock Ceramic Studio (Booth 543)
Kathleen uses primitive methods of firing like sawdust and naked raku. Without using glaze, she is able to maintain the tactile quality of the clay, which makes her work not only visually pleasing, but also inviting to touch. The raw texture of the clay and spontaneous markings created by the smoke firing during the naked raku process give Kathleen’s work a natural and almost stone-like quality.

Gordon Hutchens Studio (Booth 341)
Gordon’s work is well known for the depth and diversity of his glazes and the strength and refinement of his forms. He produces a variety of work from sculptured to functional, and utilizes an extremely broad range of techniques.

eikcam ceramics (Booth 213)
eikcam ceramics is a home decor collection designed and handmade by Vancouver artist/designer, Grace Lee. Most of Grace’s work lends a sense of naturalness and whimsy, which serve as functional pieces for the table or home. Grace’s approach to design remains a kind of layered simplicity. She often combines different textures with hues and colours to complement the form, shape, and functionality of the piece.

Sophia Clay Art (Booth 156)
Sophia’s work is influenced by the textures of oaks, birches, pine trees, and aspens in Pacific Northwest. She is particularly mesmerized by the scars on their barks, which tell their stories.

You’ll meet these ceramic artists and more at this year’s Circle Craft Christmas Market, on until Sunday.

Circle Craft Christmas Market
November 8-12, 2017 | Vancouver Convention Centre West
Wednesday-Friday 10am to 9pm | Saturday 10am to 7pm | Sunday 10am to 5pm

Check in at circlecraftmarket.net for the latest Circle Craft Christmas Market information. Tickets are now available for purchase online, where you’ll find discounts for students, seniors, and groups.


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