Kathleen Tennock Ceramic Studio

Kathleen Tennock was in born in South Africa where she studied fine art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Now residing in Whistler, Kathleen is strongly influenced by BC’s west coast, but the forms and textures of Africa still remain very present in her work.

Photo by Sarah Mickel Photography

Kathleen works primarily with clay, using a primitive method of firing called Naked Raku. The raw texture of the clay and spontaneous markings created by the smoke firing during the Naked Raku process gives her work a natural and almost stone-like quality.

Photo by Anastasia Chomlack Photography

All of Kathleen’s work is unglazed, leaving the clay to its most natural state with only the markings from the smoke left behind from the firing process. Not using glaze allows her to maintain the tactile quality of the clay.

Photo by Sarah Mickel Photography

Circle Craft Coop member Kathleen Tennock will be joined by 300 other exhibitors at this year’s Circle Craft Market from November 7-11 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.


Mikel Grant Jewellery

Mikel Lefler of Mikel Grant Jewellery has been driven by the power of self-expression through art throughout her life.

A detour through university resulted in a biology degree and a collection of insects that inspired her first line of jewellery. After graduating, Mikel began training with silversmiths and discovered that creating jewellery was her life’s passion. She became a full-time independent jeweller in 2002.

Mikel Grant Jewellery reflects Mikel’s personal standards for integrity in craft, technique, and finish. All pieces are handmade on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

Mikel Grant Jewellery is one of the many Circle Craft members that will exhibit at this year’s Circle Craft Market at the Vancouver Convention Centre West from November 7-11, 2018.